Hi, on this site there are jokes that I would not care if you passed on so feel free to!smile.gif



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  1. cool

  2. kewl!

    can u add me to your blogroll?


    J45baseball2: sure will!!!
    J45baseball2:thu 29 june 2007. sure will!!!

  3. Thanks for your ad, it is valid because you have added me to your blogroll. thankyou!

  4. ok i added you to my blogroll!

  5. hi this is chilly731 form club penguin.
    I added you to my blogroll so please do the same for me. i will check back in 2 days to see of you added me and if not i will remove you frm mine.

    please visit my site at wwww.chilly731clubpenguin.wordpress.com
    and sign up for the abewrcrombie & fitch penguin model contest!!!! there are only a few limited spots left, so hurry!!!! 🙂

    ~thanks and have a great day…chilly731 🙂

  6. thanks for adding me!!!! 🙂

  7. sorry, but i cannot add you to my blogroll. WHY? because this isnt a club penguin related site, so sorry.



  8. HI Jake;

    I think this is terrific and I especially like the music. What is the name
    of it?


  9. i didnt get ur email please resend
    i didnt get ur email please resend
    i didnt get ur email please resend

    Editors comment: Huh?

  10. i know a funny insult
    yo mama is so ugly she made an onion cry!

    editors comment: haha thats a good one. can i add that to my site?

  11. yo

    id add u but everyones asking me to be on their blogroll

    but once u get 50k hits ill add u, but only if u keep me added

    editors comment: 50 what?

  12. kool site, comment mine

  13. 50k mean 50,000. 1k= 1,000. Come to http://www.dangercraver.wordpress.com

    j45baseball2: i would mark this as spam but since you helped me im not going to.

  14. ill try and be there

    can u add me to ur blogroll?


  15. on cp iz ya username j45baseball coz i tryed to add u and u denied it

  16. No my username is black pev or j45baseball. J45baseball is my friends but he gave it to me. Black pev is mine.

  17. kk
    huz ig is the party in?

  18. heyhey jake its me owen can u add me plz

    j45baseball2:add you to what?

  19. jake u there????

    i wanna be added

  20. hey jake

  21. i dont kno but everyone has been

    i think its the blogroll

  22. Hi, your site is AWESOME!

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  23. Knock Knock

    Whos there?


    Boo who?

    Why are you cring?

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  27. Hey can u add me too ur blogroll??? ill add you and!

    reply if u wanna be on my blogroll


    J45baseball2: yah i want to be on your blogroll and i’ll add you.

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  30. Why does a mummy go to a stage?

    A: To rap

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