Hi, on this page you can: spam, talk about whatever you want (make sure its apropriot), share some jokes, or just anything!!!!


22 Responses

  1. I like pie!

  2. It is Good!

  3. philip how did you get the picture?

  4. i just got an acount on my wordpress and i uploaded it

  5. Dear administrator,

    Im am your biggest fan i have noticed that you
    Have not making any more things, Could you
    PLZ make more!!!!!!!! If you could i would be so happy

    Your Biggest fan: Philip

  6. dude i was gonna add u to my blogroll, but u have nappyd on yours. so sorry.

  7. Hey its me Hipefrog! I am just inviting you to See you there!

  8. legoless ……
    retard lol

    jelous of me!!!

    ~Love me hate me im still going to SHINE~

  9. legoless…………..ROFL……wen i say lol im probaly not rly lefing BUT….wen i say ROFL…im literally ROFL!!!!

    dude i was gonna add u to my blogroll, but u have nappyd on yours. so sorry.
    cnt stop lafing…

    ~Love me hate me im still going to SHINE~

  10. Dear administrator,

    Im having a little bit of trouble with my site, did i say a little bit? I meant a lot! Can you help me? plz? luckly i know you… wait forget that last part i said.

  11. Dear administrator,

    do you know what would be really cool! if this site had games!

  12. Guys… ive got a secret i want to let out, I KNOW WHO ROCK HOPPER IS!!!!!! THERE! I SAID IT! AND I FEEL GREAT!


  13. why you guyz arguing on somebody else’s website? rude much?… uh yea real rude! get yo manners and come back. k? thanx hun.

  14. give me our pass

  15. I kinda went on one day and looked up an upcoming video game, Banjo Kazooie 3. I also looked at the coments and saw a person named jake that had an icon that was the gorrila fetured in the picture thing on your site. Is that you?

    Your probably wondering what Banjo Kazooie 3 is if your not that acount.

    Isn’t it weird how the computer works?!


    j45baseball2: (jake) SHUT UP =!
    Also, can you please get a new song for this site!? It is really geting on my nerves. I mean, its as bad as the song “I KNOW A SONG THAT GETS ON EVERYBODIES NERVES” song.

    That is the only complaint i have.

    Write back,

  16. Did i say IGN? i meant joystiq

  17. Oops, sorry.

  18. hey i see a comment from me up there…
    WOAHHHH>….that was a long time
    LMao u still have me on ur blogroll…
    my site is deleted…ha..

  19. hey philip u got that off of fairley odd parents yea and ur a baaaaaaaaaad man lolz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    im soooooooooo bored

  20. hello people of earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    J45baseball2: Check your email aggles that you put in your comment! i sent you something.

  21. blah blah

  22. I LIKE C00ki3Z

    ohh i have a cat at home and its called a “ragdoll”
    they call it that becuz i picked him up and when you pick him up he hangs and when he rolls over and stuffz like dat he acts like a ragdoll
    we call him “dolly”
    ohh but his real name it snuggles

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